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At present Pathways is being used by eight  partners from Northern and Southern states of India. These NGOs in India have been working to support groups that are  vulnerable to forms of forced labour. 

The organisation was founded in 1993. Centre Direct amplifies children’s voices where it matters the most. Apart from working on the ground, the organisation also connects with the Government at the local, state and central level to ensure that they frame policies in the best interest of child.

PAD envisions a community where children and youth play an active role in tackling deep-rooted barriers to change, empowered to raise their voices to realize their basic needs and rights, including gender equality and freedom from violence.

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PeaceTrust is a non-governmental organisation that seeks to eradicate child labour, protect the welfare of migrant labour, provide health support to marginalized communities and promote environmental awareness. Peace Trust’s area of operation spans six districts of Tamil Nadu, including Dindigul where its Freedom Fund project is based.

READ is a non-profit organisation, established in 2001, that seeks to bring social and economic development to the most marginalised communities of Tamil Nadu. READ’s work with the Freedom Fund focuses on eradicating bonded labour in spinning mills in Erode district.


Rural Organisation for Social Advancement (ROSA) is a civil society, currently working in eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, India, The main target group of the organization is children, adolescent, women, unorganised labour and Marginal farmer of rural area of deprived society.

SPEECH is a secular, non-profit development organisation, primarily to strengthen Human concerns with Society at large to address issues that hinder growth process. Strengthening grassroots democracy and Good Governance by facilitating participation and promoting self-sustainable development of the vulnerable sections of the rural Tamil Nadu.

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Tatvasi Samaj Nyas (TSN) works to combat various forms of forced labour in Bihar and provide services that will ensure the long-term reintegration of slavery survivors. Tatvasi Samaj Nyas (TSN) works with Freedom Fund support in 2 districts that are source areas for child labourers and brick kiln workers.

Women's Organisation in Rural Development (WORD) is a registered non governmental organisation (NGO) working for the upliftment of rural people especially women and children at the grass root level.WORD focuses its current activities primarily in Namakkal district and partially in Salem and Erode Districts of Tamilnadu, South India.

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